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Renew Malaysia Passport in Singapore

10th June 2011-Last Friday i waked up around 5.30 in the morning to go to High Commission of Malaysia (HCM) at 301 Jervois Road (off River Valley Road) to renew my passport-5 years one time.T_T. Before doing it i need to do some homework so i  browsing through the net see anyone is writing about how to get the passport done. Surprisingly a few blogger did post up how to renew passport but they not sound great on the process because there is only 200 numbers is issued per day so that mean i need to queue at the door of HCM in the morning to get the number- oh my god cant imagine!!
 i still recall how i do my first passport in Malaysia = same matter-same story need to buy the form and fill it correctly every details if not the officer will strictly reject. i don't really like dealing with any Malaysia department. The process is ridiculed and long, wasting people times. This is what i think!! after all i need to get my passport done anyway. After reading all the blogger blog noticed HCM had enhanced the passport renewals process. Hope it is true but i need to prepare all necessary documents in order- just in case they need it.

Here are the important documents u need to prepare-
1. Original Malaysia IC and a photocopy ic front and back in one page of A4 paper (they will reject your application if not doing in one page )
2. Original Singapore ICand a photocopy ic front and back in one page of A4 paper
3. The application form IM-42 downloadable from the HCM website and make sure print in front and back in 1 piece of paper  (actually they did give u the form after u exchange your security pass from guardhouse but u need to fill it immediately if u dont want to slow down your turn)
4. Bring exactly $124 and $7 for the photo taking
5. 2 Passport-size photos with blue background. However, there is a kiosk for photo taking if you don't mind to queue again. (for more secure take the photo on the spot )
6. An indentification card (Eg. driving license, company pass, etc) to be exchanged for entrance pass at the guard house. Don't use IC as it will be used during application.

How i reach HCM-
I take MRT from West side and stop at Redhill station- i read that it is more easy to find the bus station from here compare to Tiong Bharu(if i not wrong). Later i wait the bus top from Redhill station to take bus number 32 to go River Valley Rd-Opp Valley PT Condo(the bus stop station). If u not sure u always can ask the bus uncle. At the first place i dont know where should i stop luckily the bus uncle help me to the right bus stand-River Valley Rd-Opp Valley PT Condo.After i get down from the bus i walk to right side where i can see the SPC petrol there is a small road and turn to right. The HCM is inside the condo on the small road at the right. I need to walk around 2 minutes to reach HCM. Actually i not sure where is the HCM in the first place so i ask the uncle who jogging along the road.

My story-
After i reach HCM it is probably around 7.15 am and i straight away go to guard house to exchange my pass and i get my queue number 3 and the officer do give me a printed IM-42 form.  Actually i have fill my own black and white IM-42 but since they provide another printed colour form IM-42 so i fill the form again while waiting at the small gate to open. No need to fill the birth cert. number. Fill your current singapore address in the form.

The picture should place like this at the first page(i do a sample for your to view) hope to give a better picture

The second page of photo should place at the right side inside the column

The small gate open at 7.30am sharp and i straight away headed to the kioks inside the HCM for taking my photo. Since i the first person to take the photo so i no need to get the queue number. But it delay passport submission because after i get my photo done i need to paste the photo in the form and conclude all the documents before heading to the counter.
There is an officer will check your documents before i can proceed to the submission counter. The submission counter will check again all the documents and require to prepare $124 and the counter officer will clip all the documents and the exact amount money and give a queue number.I able to get my queue number 8. So the photo taking is delay my process
After i get my queue number i wait untill my number have been called and submit to the officer. At this moment the officer will need my both side finger print on biometric. After everything is done the officer issued a colleting slip to me stated 0005 to collect passport after 2.30pm.
 It is around 8.30am when everything is done. The process consider fast for me!! I need to wait till 2.30pm so i decided to take bus to Orchard road since i read that it is not far away. I take bus 14 and stop at Lucky Plaza - total 5 bus stand from River Valley Rd-Opp Valley Pt Condo(include this stand) or u can take bus 65. same as bus 14 -5 stop

Collecting time -
i reach at HCM at 2.15pm, same as morning i exhange the security pass and headed into HCM building and waiting for the call.  2.30pm-They will called upon the security number. My number is 0036 so i wait till my turn to collect my passport.

After i get my passport what i feel is tired....they dont seem have a proper arrangement for collecting and they dont follow the number on your hand. " What a Malaysia Boleh again""

Here are some links may assist more details.
official HCM home websites-
others blog-

Transfer of Returning Permit for PR(TRP)
i do my TRP at under PR section. Go to "Renewal of Re-entry Permit " and then go to "  Electronic Re-Entry Permit System " and sign in with your Singpass. -If u dont have Singpass -Go to nearer Comunity center to submit your sing pass request they will need u to key in 8 digits number on the spot for your password verification when u log in the Singpass.

That is it for my passport story....tired day waked up too early......!!

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