Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What is life in a relationship mean??

Life is already full of colour when we get born to this earth. From baby to adult what we need to lead our life? Sound like we can decide but most of time is parent the one who choose our destiny.Only when grow up as adult then can only choose our journey through own choice. Unfortunately i have to choose my journey when i was young till now. Sometimes just feel tired hanging around in this world. What else we need for our life? Surrounding by luxury materials, own big house, big car,  a lots money, unlimited materialize fulfillment. Is that sound great but how many peoples is the lucky one who own or born with it or achieve with it?
How to describe a relationship? Father and son, or friend, or colleagues, or schoolmates, or man and women? Sometimes i think we live this earth we will automatically meet and see various people. Perhaps in MRT in the very morning, in the way to buy things, in bus stop, in the rainy day along the road or..... Now the problem is how we deal with, i mean communicate with each others.. Sometimes i find that it a hard way to pour out the feeling inside mind and speak with them. Maybe i afraid or scare of heart?

How is the husband and wife relationship represent? Is there should be care each others, sincere, no matter how don’t feel another partner is not good enough. Learn to respect for each other’s and important love still exist in each other heart. I understand speak and write it seems so easy but how many pair of husband and wife can execute the promises?

Then i tell myself always stay positive mind and happy mind that everything will be alright. I just want to live everyday with a happy mood and see the beauty of nature in this world. I don’t want see the negative sides of peoples, bad tempered, grumbling about live, unhappy face, not satisfy.......

I should glad and happy that i able to live one more days –today!
I wish i can always stay happy in my live!! Buena suerte !!

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