Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Naruko skincare product:Niaouli & Tea Tree Series-Parcel received

I adore with this products quite some time and i want to share over here.Naruko is a Taiwan brand which founded by a famous dermatologist Niu'er (牛儿老师). He frequently appear on the Taiwan popular TV show -Queen show (女人我最大). I am not the kind of person who follow the beauty trend but i feel interested on this products. So i have done some reading and research on the website to find out more about this products in 2010. I found out that this product is paraben free, artificial preservatives free, artificial colouring free, and fragrance free and not subjected to any animal experiments. And most importantly all the ingredients is extracted from natural plant which is good for healthy skin -ultimately which i self study on the natural herb plants as well. So i decided to give a try. But at that time i have hard time to get this product cos they sell in Taiwan website. So until i get my first naruko product through my sis when she is travelling to Taiwan. But is hardly for her to buy as well in Taiwan cos not all shop sell this products. At last she able to get few bottles for me in Watson store in Taiwan. I believe the price is higher than the direct purchase from online but no choice i really want to get some of it.. 4 bottles- 1 Narcissus toner , 2 Narcissus serum and 1 rose and snow fungus.It cost about RM120. This price still is reasonable and affordable for me if compare to the products i used to buy.After purchase this products, finally Naruko launched their official website in Singapore . But i still find the price more expensive in Taiwan website. That why i didn't purchase any products until now they doing some offer.Be smart spender!!Hahaha!!

Here u go ,finally i received my parcel through ta.q.bin courier service in Singapore at yesterday night. They make a delay delivery but i still able to get my naruko products in Singapore. (
The packaging look like below!!
I purchase the offer set Niaouli & Tea Tree series in a package of 5 bottles: Acne Clay Cleanser, Acne Toner, Balancing Moisturizer, Balancing Serum and Sebum Control Night Jelly.The offer price is $88 which I think is reasonable for 5 bottles. I afraid the promotion is over ?? 

After open the wrapping is look like this 


Here are some info's regarding this products.

Naouli and Tea Tree Range (for acne/oily skin)
Helps regulate sebum secretion, strengthen the relief of acnes, and enhance the skin’s resistance. At the same time, it promotes keratose metabolism, which aids in unclogging pores. Besides, it prevents acnes, and diminishes the appearance of scars, pigments and traces of pigmentation. With multiple repairing effects that last for all night, it helps keep skin sleek, fresh and healthy.

  • 【Phytoferulin】 It protects skin from external environmental damage and strengthens skin, revitalizing it from within.
  • 【Tremella Fuciformis Berk.】 It helps create translucent skin watery to the touch, and provides long-lasting hydration.
  • 【Zinc PCA】 It regulates skin’s sebum secretion, relieving oily face.
  • 【Glycolic Acid】 It fastens the removal of dead skin cells, preventing pores from getting clogged, and strengthens the driving out of sebum as well as keratose chippings inside pores. It relieves rough and uneven skin, leaving it sleek and delicate again.

I found the products are environmentally friendly. The boxes of the products can be re-recyle and made into pencil cases or brush case.   This brand really simple, effective and give people a kind of warm feeling after saw this packaging. A good product strategy to save earth.Thumbs up for the recycle efforts. Save green!!

I will post some reviews on this products in coming blog. See ya!                           

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