Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Kwan Yin Temple at Bugis Waterloo St Singapore

Woah…..another day arrive!! Today is Chinese calendar- the fifteen days of the month that mean another half month is passed(represent full month) .  My husband always goes to Niu Ce Shui (牛车水观音庙) Guan Yin temple in every first and fifteen day in Chinese calendar to make his pray. This is his routine activity. He will buy a packet of Chinese fragrant sticks for pray and if I around I will buy Lotus flowers to give it to Guan Yin. One lotus flower cost $1 so u can buy many as u wish and there are in three colors –white, pink and red. Some of them come with the seed as well.  I always wonder what they do with all those flowers after we put in the vase in front of Guan Yin. Is the worker going to throw it away or resale the flowers again?  Some of the tradition says if we pray with flower it will make us look prettier in next life. Don’t know whether this is real or not?? Still in smudge mind of this discussion. Whatever it is I feel nice to see such beautiful flowers every time reach 牛车水 Guan Yin Temple.
My husband will go pray Guan Yin and ask the question with the tin lots in his hand. The interpretation of the Guan Yin is very accurate if u have any doubt in your mind and no one give u hints or highlights and u perhaps can ask Guan Yin help….maybe!!u can try..and may solve some of the problem…
Today I will go to pray but not in the morning but in the afternoon 4pm not so many people.  The operation time for this temple is 6am to 6pm so I will reach there around 5pm after take MRT to Bugis station. Hope today the weather not so hot and the temple not so crowded with people.

Found interesting blog write about bugis and Guan Yin temple, very nice pic, enjoy saw the pic and read on this acticles!!

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